Branding: Lunar Gala _ Fall 2012 to Spring 2013
Print, Video + Web

Promo Video 1
LG Act 1
LG Act 2
LG Act 3
CMU Lunar Gala Website
As the PR Creative Director for Lunar Gala I branded the organization internally and externally. I designed the logo, website, and other deliverables such as the tickets and promotional videos. Thanks to: Alex Deronde, Joseph Oak + Eden (video help), + Samia (website development)
Motion Graphics _ Spring 2013
Time Motion Graphics

If embedded video does not work: Video 1
If embedded video does not work: Video 2
These are a series of motion graphics that I designed. The first video maps out a ten second countdown with sound and visual cues, and the second video tries to visualize the rhythm of a song.
Video: 3 Piece _ Fall 2012
Film, Motion + Type

If embedded video does not work: Video 1
For my 5th year scholarship proposal I wanted to design a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon servicing entrepreneurs with communications strategy. I've developed the overall strategy for this organization and this video showcases the vision the organization tries to uphold. This organization has currently launched and updates will be available soon!
Branding + Strategy: 3 Piece _ Fall 2012
For my 5th year scholarship proposal I wanted to design a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon servicing entrepreneurs with communications strategy. I've developed the overall strategy for this organization to follow and also the branding material such as logos, web look and feel, and books.
Research Tool: Community Growth _ Fall 2012

Check out the digital publication here
Check out our process blog here
Danielle, Gabbie, and I wanted to design a research tool for community organizations to learn what their constituents want in their community and how to collect this data effectively; it is also adaptable to different communities.
Photo Narrative: A.A Bondy _ Spring 2012
Bookbinding, Photography + Type
This is a photo narrative/infographic that I hand book-bound about the artist A.A Bondy's music career. It is paired with a few various photographs taken by me and by Conrad Ennis.
Design Fiction: Invest In Yourself_ Fall 2012
Video App + Promo Video.

If embedded video does not work:Video 1 Video 2
This design fiction proposes a future where university prices are market-driven and students can be funded by investors. The deliverables designed imagines students signing up for classes based on the stock index through a mobile application and the other video shows what a school recruiting video might look like. This was a quick one-week project.
Magazine + Imaging _ Fall 2011
Inspired by the film title Masculin Feminin I juxtaposed magazine covers that featured men and women and utilized the physical paper and binding to highlight stereotypical differences and common features.
Infographic: Typeface Selection _ Spring 2012
This typeface selection tool was designed for new designers who are not familiar with typefaces, type styles, and anatomy. This is my infographic piece that categorizes the various groups (serif, sans-serif), usage, and other variables that allow the intended audience to make more informed decisions.
Large Scale Poster: Else/Where Mapping _ Spring 2012
Based on the book "Else/Where: Mapping - New Cartographies of Networks and Territories" edited by Janet Abrams and Peter Hall, I designed a large scale infographic honing in on the book's concepts of wayfinding and the dynamic nature of mapping. This print piece serves to show audiences the breakdown of the book's contents using the LATCH system.
IPad App: Else/Where Mapping _ Spring 2012
Interactive IPad App

If embedded video does not work: Video 1
Part 2 of the Else/Where Mapping project: I designed an IPad app for users who want a digitized version of the book. This project complements the print counterpart, and focuses on the affordances between print and digital work. This IPad app delves into user experience and interface design.
Book Cover Series _ Spring 2012
A designed series of book covers for contemporary writers such as David Guterson + David Sedaris. Various iterations hone in on color, type, and image treatment which in turn inspired a number of explorations.
Layout Design + Bookbinding _ Fall 2011
Wanderlust was completed at the Basel School of Design. This book has two systems: one accomodates the photographs I took while abroad and the other system lays out the writing from the book Wanderlust: Real Life Tales of Romance + Adventure
Typeface Design _ Fall 2011
Inspired by the proportions of Afga Rotis Serif, I wanted to design a humanistic, organic, and dynamic sans-serif typeface. This process documentation book shows research from other typeface designers and beginning sketches.
Service Design: What The Frack _ Fall 2012
Print + Web

Check out my process blog here
For this project Mimi, Danielle, and I worked together to solve the issues around fracking within Pennsylvania public universities. We designed a service that allows any affected student body government to informally collect the campus' popular opinion about fracking on campus by providing them with a package: a storyboard with instructions, a web kit/portal, and template-able posters.
Event Branding: Léger at Dawn _ Spring 2011
Various Deliverables
Inspired by the artworks of Fernand Léger and Phipp's Conservatory Botanical Garden, my partner and I branded an event that showcased both the artist and the venue. We created a story around the event and designed deliverables such as banners and tea tags to complement the story.
Infographic: Marlborough Golds _ Spring 2012
Accordion Book
I wanted to see if there was a correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked with days of the week and time. I visualized this information for others to delve into the layers of information behind this habit.
Re-Use Book _ Spring 2012
You can check out the full book here
One of my responsibilities as a teaching assistant for the First Year Studio was to compile all their recycled "spirit animal" images and design a book that showcases their work. I tried to emphasize the idea of being sustainable and conscientious about recycling and reusing through dynamic layout design.
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